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  • Version: 0.9.6
  • Author: Rob Landry
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Requires WordPress Version: 3.3 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 3.5.2
  • Downloaded:39 times
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I was working on a plugin that had a pro (paid) version. This plugin had 2 code bases and was hosted on an external site. This site charged upwards of 50% of what I was charging.

So I became interested in finding a way to provide updates and use only one code base. I also wanted to minimize the cost to sell the plugin so that the money was not going into someone elses pocket. With Sell My Plugin, you host your own plugins. You use PayPal to charge for the purchases. There is a transactions list so that you can keep track of your sales. If you sell 10 copies of your plugin in a month at $10/ea, this plugin will save you $360 per year vs PlugPress and $600 vs CodeCanyon.

This plugin also uses the familiar layout just like wordpress.

Free Features

  • to list all of your plugins just like wordpress.
  • to display the plugin info.
  • A custom search on the plugins page to search for available plugins.
  • Number of downloads tracked to see which plugins are HOT!!
  • News updates to provide you with up-to-date info on Sell My Plugin.
  • A Forum and Bug Tracker to get help.

Pro Features

  • If the plugin is a paid plugin, ?transaction= is added to:
  • to allow downloads.
  • to display the update json to allow for plugin updates.
  • to display the update json to allow for plugin updates.
  • Shortcodes are provided to display the plugin where ever you want:
  • [[sell-my-plugin]] Displays the plugins list.
  • [sell-my-plugin slug=the-slug] Displays a small info box about the plugin.
  • [sell-my-plugin slug=the-slug format=full] Displays the full plugin info.
  • [sell-my-plugin slug=the-slug version=1.0 format=full] Displays the full plugin info for a particular version.
  • Transactions list for book keeping and tracking.
  • PayPal express checkout for purchase!
  • Downloads instantly activated upon completion of purchase.
  • UPDATES!! provided to plugins once a new version zip is uploaded!
  • PayPal Sandbox to test plugin purchases without mixing with REAL purchases.
  • Custom pricing of plugins in backend.
  • Ability to give paid plugins for free providing a FREE KEY!
  • Custom email following purchase including shortcodes to allow for injection of PayPal data!
  • Added ATOM feed for displaying plugins from other users plugins as well as displaying yours on their sites.
  • Added in plugin support.

  • And many more!...

9 Replies to “Sell My Plugin”

      1. Yes, once you add a new zip to the plugin that is a higher version, as long as updates are enabled, the user will be notified of updates.

  1. How is this working for you? I might be interested? It says only 7 downloads? Is that all the more you have?

    So this has a key situation where they user gets a key? Is that configurable so that you can expire it after a certain time and not provide updates?

    1. The 7 is how many downloads this plugin has. It increments when someone purchases it or downloads it. Following purchase, a key is provided via email. The only way currently to disable a key is the remove it from the DB. I will look into implementing this in a future version.

  2. Would like the paid version! Says first few comments will receive for free. It looks as tho you have only given away three. Would you be so kind as to let me get the paid version for commenting here? Would be willing to provide a donation if the application performs well.

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